The Militia Value

Our price is reflective in the unparalleled level of service that we provide to our Members and an Experience in Fitness that is unlike anything you’ve done before.  The M is truly One of a Kind, and our Members Success and welcoming Community is a reflection of that.

Our Value is Based on 4 Main Things:

-Amazing Facilities, including Equipment to train for any Fitness Goal

-Supportive and Welcoming Community   “I’ve never been to a gym where there were so many people wanting you to succeed, until I went to yours. What a great foundation to build on!” -A Militia Member

-Four Different Proven Programs that will help you with whatever Fitness Aspirations you have

-Lastly, The Militia Team Leader Program: A Two Year Program that all of the Team Leaders at the M go though that uniquely allows the time to Build, Educate and Grow all the Men and Women that will be training you on the path to your Goals.  Hoo-Yah!!  For more go here:

Regardless of which Membership Option you choose, the following services are included:

– Unlimited Access to Classes Instructed by Militia Fitness Team Leaders

– Four Different Programs suited to different Fitness Goals (Fitness, Sport, Power, IronUp)

– Access to Three different proven Daily Meal Plans. (Lean, Perform, Gain)

– Access to All Quarterly InHouse Seminars (Diet, Training, Muscle Building, Show Preps, Competition Prep, Etc)

-Weekly Attendance Accountability Check-ins

*an initial 90 day membership is required for Any Member.

**Military, Student, and Couples Discounts offered, please inquire during Introduction Workout