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 Militia Fitness is for EVERYONE!!!

At Militia Fitness the members include all demographics from Special Tactics Operators, College Athletes, Pregnant Moms, Young, Older, Fit and New to Fitness. We have athletes from all classes so whether you are brand new and a little intimidated or you’re an experienced Athlete we are the place to Train. When choosing a  Gym you should consider three major things:

▪ Experience: In order to be safe and get results you need coaches that can assess and take care of each athletes limits and goals differently.  Our organization has a very experienced and diverse team of Trainers.  We are experts at applying and scaling the workouts to suit your current fitness level, whether you’re an elite athlete or brand new to fitness.

▪ Community: The place where you go to get fit is a big deal; you’re there almost every day.  In order to get results you need a community behind you.  A Community that knows how to have fun while getting to the finish line. The members that make up Militia Fitness are unrivaled on how inviting, encouraging, and supportive they are. This is an ego-free atmosphere, where everyone who walks though the door is welcomed and always encouraged like family.

▪ Results: Ultimately if you’re going to go to a Gym you should have results that speak for themselves. Your Goals are our most import focus.  We assess and train for your goals, and our members get those results.  We look forward to training you soon!!